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5 Footprints to Build a Strong Sales Mentorship Program

By | Henry Jones | Digital Marketer/Content Specialist | GoDissertationHelp

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.” –Bob Proctor

There is often a regular debate that goes on in most organizations. The debate on deciding which team plays an important role in actually achieving the company goals. While some say it the operations and the admin team, most say that it is the sales and marketing team that earns the money for the company. Now, we are not here to address this debate, however, we are here to help people see the importance of having in place a good mentorship programme for the newbies who join the sales team.


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But, before we actually go ahead and explain the pros of having a decent mentorship programme in place, let us first understand who a mentor is. For those of you who have come across this question of being asked who your role model is might have given different answers at different points of time. Now, there are many names by which we know this person. Some call it their role model, some call it their inspiration and some call them people who they simply look up to. A mentor is all this and so much more at the same time. According to sales manager of MyAssignmentAssistance, no Artificial Intelligence can take the place of a mentor.

When we talk about an organizational setup and that too in the sales team, a mentor is a coach and a trainer who gives the new people a steady course plan to stick by. Since the sales team needs to be trained to perfection to handle the customers and all their queries it goes without saying that, indeed the need for having a strong sales mentorship programme is certainly of the essence. As a mentor, one is assigned a team of mentees who actually learn and train under them. As an organization, if you are looking to establish a good sales mentorship programme, these are a few tips you need to keep in mind.Mentoring


Start with an energizing meeting: the most important aspect of having in place a good mentorship programme is so that you can let both the mentors and mentees know exactly why this programme is in place. Most of the times such programmes fail miserably because there is no expectation setting set. People have no idea ‘whats in it for them’ with the course of this entire programme. So, before you start with the programme make sure you hold an energizing meeting which will act as an ice breaker and will help your teams of mentors and mentees to get comfortable with each other.

Format a step by step play guide: part of any successful mentorship programme is that you already have an idea of what all you want to achieve through the duration of the programme. As mentors and managers running the mentorship programme, it is necessary to have a practical set of deliverables and aims in place. Once the programme kicks off, it is also essential to conduct weekly meetings to check on the status of the programme and conduct a SWOT annalysis for everything.

Train the mentors: there are certain parameters that enable a person to become a mentor or a buddy trainer. As a management team, it is highly adviseable that you first zero in on the candidates who can become successful mentors. Once that is done, you need to conduct training sessions for them so that they know what they are getting into and what is expecting from them at that role. Don’t push them into something that they are not prepared for themselves. This will impact the quality and the outcome that you wish to achieve with the programme.

Mr. Mark, working as Senior Counselor at GoAssignmentHelp says, “A truly great mentor is hard to find, difficult to part with, and impossible to forget.”

Celebrate the graduation of the mentees: every mentee will soon graduate and move to the next level. Once the sales mentorship programme is over, it will be a great boost for both your mentors and mentees if you hold a small graduation ceremony. What will make this ceremony better is if you can put together a small reward and recognition part where you award the best mentor and mentee with some award or certificate. Trust us this small gesture does so much.

The best is to have measurables: Post the programme it is crucial that you map the performance of all the new mentees who are now on the floor. This will help you see just how effective the sales mentorship programme was. In case there are any issues that you find, make sure you address it and get it sorted immediately. Time to time feedback is also very important for both the mentor and the mentees as well.

Mentoring is a huge responsibility which if not handled with care can cause a lot of unforeseen issues. So make sure you plan your sales mentorship programme in the best of ways keeping all the above-mentioned points in mind.

Author’s Bio – Henry Jones is a Digital Marketer/Content Specialist who loves to write content & help people by providing informational blogs all over the web. He is working in GoDissertationHelp, an academic writing service which provides the best dissertation writing services in the UK. 

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