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5 Google extensions that makes Recruiter’s life easy

Source | Linked In : By Akash Gor

You might have gone through couple of websites talking about Google extensions that help you to recruit the purple squirrel. Well, I will be talking about some interesting extensions and their benefits.

  • Profile views: Save who viewed my LinkedIn: A powerful extension which serves the purpose of LinkedIn basic account users. If you are one of the active LinkedIn users and enjoy connecting like-minded people through LinkedIn, you should add this extension to your chrome. It helps you to capture all the views/visit made to your LinkedIn account, regardless to your account type. So, you know who viewed your profile since the time you added this wonderful extension. 

  • Prophet: Another interesting extension which comes handy to locate ones Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter accounts at one go. Simply visit the profile of user & it gives you the verified links to their different social media accounts. At times, it really helps.

  • Facebook Search: Sagar Kommula, one of my LinkedIn friend and a specialist in hiring through LinkedIn & Social Media referred me to this extension. One of recent favourite tool and is useful for recruiters who are not used to Facebook graph search. Simply by using drop downs you can filter & narrow your search to right Facebook audience.  Once again, thanks Sagar 🙂

 Find any email on LinkedIn: Well, if you are on LinkedIn and unable to find an email id of search profiles, this is the extension you should add. It automatically gets flashed on the LinkedIn search you make and once you click the options of finding email its takes you to your Gmail accounts with all the probable email ids of that individual. Just to avoid blockage on using this extension, ensure you don’t over-use it :p 

  • Email Hunter: If you have hard time understanding the results from Find any email on LinkedIn, this tool will be easier to use & get results. This extension shows you the hidden email ids with percentage of confidence level.  So more the higher percentage more chances of reaching out to the right person. Unless, he/she is an active LinkedIn user & still associated with the organization.

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