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5 Great Tools for Having Company Meetings from Home

By | Samantha Higgins

The evolution of remote work has led to several communication challenges for many industries. If you have a remote team working for your company, you probably understand that communication can be fractured without better tools.

The best tools for a remote meeting should be decent, innovative, and compatible enough to support all manners of communication. It’s better to have a tool that offers both virtual and audio communication. Here are five great tools worth using for company meetings from home.

1. Zoom

Zoom is a widespread communication and video conferencing tool. It’s designed specifically for remote meetings, conferences, virtual registration, webinars, and many more. Zoom offers both virtual and audio capability. Apart from the meeting, you can use Zoom to run video and voice calls with free Version available for everyone.

Interestingly, you can run a group or one-on-one video calls, voice calls, and meetings when group meetings aren’t necessarily. Members also have the opportunity to send messages to each other using the application. Still, one can share files within or outside any scheduled meeting for comfortable and better collaboration. A host can initiate a meeting, and any meeting can accommodate up to 100 team members for the free mode.

2. Slack

This tool is a group messaging application that brings a variety of communication together. Slack can be used to avoid stressful and long email threads, and it is easier to track and trace communications.

Research has shown that slack has reduced internal email usage by over 45%, helping companies boost their remote work productivity. Slack group chats or meetings can be done privately or openly as per user preference. It allows departmental heads or team leaders to delicate duties promptly for particular experts or individuals without interruptions.

This app can be downloaded both on the computer and mobile devices. It is also compatible with other technological tools for file sharing with options for integration with social media channels. So you can easily share documents with colleagues without much stress. There is an option for users to share messages within the group or privately.

3. Virtual screen sharing

Screen sharing is a technology used to share your screen with your team, employees, partners all managers in real-time virtually to their respective computers. You can use this technology to make visual presentations, collaborate on different tasks, train your employees, generally communicate with your team or employees.

There are different screen sharing services available online, so you do not have to download apps to share your screen with others. Using screen-sharing technology, you can allow every member of your team to access specific information on the same page. It means that you can schedule work to many people once in real-time without necessarily contacting individuals. Therefore, it is your responsibility to pick the best free screen sharing strategy that best works for you and your team.

4. Skype

Skype is considered the granddaddy of video conferencing tools. It is a product of Microsoft but is used by millions are people daily. You can use Skype a network you are employees and colleagues irrespective of their location. Interestingly, the app is compatible with mobile devices, smart televisions, and computers.

You can easily make video calls, voice calls, and text messages through Skype. It can also be used in charts and sharing and documents. The most exciting feature of Skype is that it allows Skype to Skype calls, and you are allowed to do it from any part of the world. However, if you want to make calls to the landlord or mobile, you will have to part with some little money.

5. Google Drive

Google drive is a one-stop platform that has file storage, synchronization, and sharing features. The Google product allows users to save files in the cloud.

You can use it to edit all files, including spreadsheets, audio, presentation, and even photos. It has features for real-time chats, comments, and interaction. Also, it’s compatible with all Microsoft products like Word and PowerPoint. You can access it via smartphones, computers, and tablets.

Communication tools are essential for any business. It is crucial to pick the right tools to ascertain a coordinated workflow to boost your business productivity. If you are an upcoming business owner, consider using any tool discussed above for effective communication with your team.



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