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5 Great Tools to Add to Your Business to Improve Productivity

By | Samantha Higgins

If you fail to address areas for improvement at your business, you are shooting yourself in the foot. One area of your business that always deserves your attention is your team’s productivity levels. When you don’t have the needed output, your success is on the line.

Do not take the risks anymore. Seriously consider these five great tools that can improve your business’s productivity. Why would you not take advantage of affordable and effective opportunities to do what is best for your company?

1. A Modern Printer

The technologies behind workplace printers have grown to include just about any and everything you might need. They offer you the ability to do much more than just print your external and internal documents. You can copy and immediately send documents to your customers, employees, and vendors whenever and wherever.

You will save a lot of time, and you can better declutter your workspaces. Cluttered office environments do not benefit productivity levels, and you should be sure to address this issue at your business. Invest in a modern printer. The benefits for you are obvious.

2. Cell Phone Boosters

Gone are the days where your employees conduct their work from desk phones and computers alone. You’ve likely even stressed to your team the importance of utilizing their smartphones to handle work. A commercial cell phone booster could help you and your employees in so many valuable ways. Productivity levels can without a doubt go up.

You can find these useful products through all kinds of retailers. Make sure you work with a reputable company to handle your needs. Be certain to resource your cell phone boosters from a provider that also will customize your products and utilize cloud technologies. Only work with a company that will actually take your call if an issue were to somehow develop.

3. Managed IT Services

Think about your business’s information technology (IT). Do you ever run into connection issues due to your network going down? Even the briefest interruption can impact your team’s productivity. Think about your employees who work from home or on the road. As you’re already aware, they also can’t afford to run into tech issues. Whether it’s your network or your tech products not correctly working, you can’t afford for them to be less than optimal.

Investing in managed IT services benefits businesses of any size, and your company will benefit, too. Whether it’s ensuring the aforementioned issues never develop or protecting your data from cybercriminals, this investment yields for you much more than improved productivity. For those of you with tech staff on your team, they also will appreciate this useful business tool.

4. G Suite

Your decision to utilize G Suite could pay off big for you, too. There are so many features with this tool that help you improve productivity. You will have an email system, doc creation source, and file collaboration product in one tool. You also will be able to conduct meetings and utilize an efficient calendaring system.

In addition to the above benefits, you can build in employee access and security features. You can both open up accessibility and prevent too much access to sensitive files. On top of the aforementioned email component, other communication services are built-in, too. Plus, you can use this software to maximize cloud storage technologies.

5. CRM Software

For those of you without a customer relationship management software in place, you also should look into this tool as soon as possible. You can use G Suite to store valuable files and pieces of information, and you can still use paper and a very organized filing system. But you need to be sure you can extrapolate and house any piece of information that could be useful.

Your data tells you a lot. It shows you what is working and what is not. You can better determine what is causing any lagging productivity, and you can remedy it much faster. When it comes to forecasting, you also will be better prepared to predict various performance metric results.

You Can Improve Your Productivity

Regardless of your business’s size or your industry, you can improve your productivity. Utilize the advice presented above. Those five tools can undoubtedly help your business.

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