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5 Great Ways to Help Keep Your Employees Motivated

By | Samantha Higgins

If you are running into motivation issues with your team, then you need to pay attention to these tips presented below. Here are five great ways to help keep your employees motivated. No matter the size of your company or your industry, these tips can help you.

1. Value Input from Your Team

You must make sure your employees know they are valued. And to do this, you must value their input. So many workplaces do not give their staff opportunities to share their concerns and ideas for improvements. Facilitate a workplace culture where you encourage this.

Send out surveys via email to your staff. Have your leads hold regular one-on-one meetings with each of your employees. And when training your staff on new technologies or procedures be sure to get confirmation that all of your employees are well-versed and adequately equipped. Without their input, you cannot accomplish this.

2. Modernize Your Workplace

When you modernize your office, your employees will be more motivated. You need to be sure they have the needed technologies and office equipment. And you also must be certain their work environment is comfortable.

Look into changing out any outdated wallpaper. Pay attention to your paint colors, too. You do not want to have the wrong design elements and decor in your office. Do what you can to ensure your workplace is modern from an operational and aesthetic point of view. If you fail to neglect these changes you easily can make, then you run the risk of your employees not enjoying their job. You could have employees who are not motivated.

3. Hold Contests and Reward Winners

This is another great idea for your company. Any time there is a new goal, you should try to have contests between your employees. Create leader boards and display them in hallways and break rooms. You also can find ways to create leaders boards that are located in your staff software or through some type of online platform.

Make sure you determine some rewards that all of your staff would enjoy. And if you are holding a contest and giving out rewards, then you need to be sure that all of your departments are holding contests. Do not let certain teams or departments feel left out. You could end up killing their motivation to come to work and hit goals.

4. Give Gifts to Your Employees

Gifts do not have to be presented to your staff only when holding contests. Remember, of course, to give gifts to your staff during the holidays. You also should look into doing something when it’s their birthday and their work anniversary. No matter your budget, you should be able to find something they will love.

You can even give them luxury corporate gifts without having to spend too much money. You just have to search out the best providers with the best deals. Look online today and see what you can find. Among your popular options are food serving pieces, wine decanters, and high-end bottle openers.

5. Pay Attention to Their Overall Well-Being

If you want your employees to be motivated, then you have to be certain of their well-being. This means you must be sure they have the tools and resources needed to ensure their physical health is good. You also need to stress mental health to them. Ask your leads and supervisors to be committed to this. Have them keep an eye out for any signs that members of your staff are not doing well.

And be sure that all of your employees know it’s okay to open up to their leads and supervisors about any health issues they might have. Send out a monthly wellness newsletter over email that highlights tips for your workers to stay healthy. You can have your insurance company send out a health expert to talk with your team, too. Find ways now to ensure your team is well. If you have staff this is not well, they will not be motivated about their work.

Five Easy Steps

Each idea above should work for you, and each idea is easy to implement. Through your use of these suggestions, you will keep your employees motivated. Make sure you take this seriously

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