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5 Great Ways to Improve Your Company’s Performance

By | Samantha Higgins

If you’re looking to improve your company’s performance, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out these five ways to make it happen. No matter your type of business or your business size, these tips can help you.

1. Modernize Your Workplace

There are so many great ways to ensure you have a modern workplace at your company. Take inventory now of updates your team needs. Ask your team for their input, too. You have access to affordable improvements that will not bust your budget. In fact, these investments will yield more money for your business.

Look into strengthening your technologies first. This is one of the most effective modernization improvements you can make. You need to have a reliable information technology (IT) infrastructure. Be certain you have the IT bandwidth to support your staff and your customers. You need to have the right tech products, too, for a modern workplace. And make sure all of your technologies are fully integrated.

2. Utilize Earned Media

Earned media is media coverage you are able to gain for free. There are several ways you can gain earned media for your company. This media coverage helps your company build consumer trust. More money comes into your coffers.

If you do not have them, yet, establish rapport with local media contacts. Reach out and build relationships with industry media contacts, too. Position your company as an expert and a go-to source for a necessary product and/or service. Also, try to gain media coverage for any community service projects undertaken by your company. Utilize press releases and do not hesitate to reach out over the phone more than once to get press coverage for your company. And also don’t forget social media provides your business with opportunities for earned media.

3. Make Use of Paid Media

Paid media can greatly improve your company’s performance levels, too. As with earned media, you are building awareness about your business. Train your colleagues on how to do their work better, of course. But you also have to alert the public about your expertise.

Spots can be purchased by your company for radio and TV. Google Ads and social media ads also can benefit your business. Other options for you are direct mail, banner ads, and pay per click ads. Create a paid advertising budget as soon as possible. Make sure it leaves some wiggle room for any unexpected advertising costs.

4. Schedule in Plenty of Coaching

Back to those efforts to train your employees. Time invested in coaching cannot be undervalued by your company. Schedule in plenty of one-on-one coaching opportunities. Also, set aside time for group and team breakouts. And bring your entire staff together from time to time, too.

Make sure your team feels comfortable opening up to all of their supervisors. Do not just throw out to your team what should be done and expect the results you want. Get their input before making definite changes.

5. Stick to Your Goals and Deadlines

Once you commit to changes and new goals to improve performance, you have to stick to them. This also means you must not veer from deadlines you and your team have set. There are various ways you can ensure this happens. All of your calendars need to be synced. Use a color-coded system for alerts and reminders. Make sure all your mobile devices are set up with the same calendar system, too.

And while technology definitely can help your team, you also need to use some traditional reminders. Make sure there are plenty of visual indicators around your office as to how your team is doing. Create charts that showcase performance metrics and results. Highlight staff who are killing it. Billboards and breakrooms are great for these charts you create. Hallways walls also will work for your displays.

You Can Do This

Through your use of the five steps above, you can improve your company’s performance. Modernize your company to meet the demands of your employees and customers. Get the word out about your products and services. And don’t let your guard down when it comes to coaching.

Bookmark this page. You also can share this information with people on your team. And remember, you can do this.

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