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5 Habits of People Who Just Appear to Be Smart but Are Not

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You will be surprised to learn that some of the people you know that appear to be smart may actually not be as bright as they seem.

Intelligence is an important marker in our society. We use people’s behaviors to gauge how intelligent they are in comparison to ourselves and others. As we get older, intelligence is revered and we tend to listen more to those we deem more intelligent than ourselves.

However, there are a number of ways that people can just pretend to be smart as a way of getting more attention from others and to make their opinion heard.

To help you differentiate between the truly intelligent and the pretenders, we have collated five of the main behaviors that people use to make us believe they are smart.

1. Wearing glasses

One of the most common ways people make themselves look smarter is by wearing a pair of glasses. Well, this is probably something you have already heard of. Even psychologists agree that those with glasses look much more intelligent, and even that they look more qualified for jobs. But why do they make us look smart?

Glasses are a tool that we use to correct our eyesight. They are especially important for those who read literature and focus on writing for long periods of time.

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