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5 Habits to Build a Stronger Business and a More Balanced Life

Do these five things every day to set yourself — and your company — up for success

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The secret to entrepreneurial success is simple: building good habits. But I know that’s easier said than done.

As the head of a globally powered tech incubator, the DMZ, I’ve worked with hundreds of early-stage founders. Building a business is a massive endeavor, and time and time again, I’ve seen entrepreneurs become so focused on day-to-day demands that they forget to think strategically. Long-term success, however, requires thinking beyond the horizon — and implementing the right systems is what helps make space for that critical work.

For founders, that starts with prioritizing time management, networking and leading their teams. Small but mighty, these habits form the foundation of your success.

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That was something I learned early on when I was in the infantry in the Canadian Armed Forces. As soon as the alarm went off at 5:00 a.m., we were trained to jump up and make our beds. At first, it was not immediately obvious why such a simple task held so much importance in our routine, but I soon realized that small act set the tone for the day. It helps to complete that first task, so you feel like you’ve been able to accomplish something, even if the rest of the day might not go according to plan. That’s the way I look at good habits even now — they help you get into the right mindset for whatever comes next.

These are the five habits I recommend every entrepreneur implement in their own lives:

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