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5 “Horrible” Interview Moments You Need to Stop Overanalyzing

By | Richard Moy |

No matter how much you tell your friends you won’t do it, it’s hard not to overanalyze every interview you go on. The longer you go without hearing back, the more you start to read into every second of the conversation. Did you answer that question wrong? What did it mean when the hiring manager said, “Hmm, we’ll see?” And how are you supposed to interpret the fact that it was over in 15 minutes?

The good news for your career is that more often than not, you’re making assumptions that are completely untrue. But even though you probably know this deep down, it’s still tempting to jump to conclusions. Based on my experience as a recruiter, here are five interview signs I have a pretty good feeling you’re completely misreading—plus five explanations for why these things are actually not a cause for concern.

1. The Interview Ran Really, Really Short

Sometimes interviews are short because everyone in the room has all the information they need. And often times, when everyone’s on the same page this quickly, it means you did a pretty good job. So if an interviewer seemingly cuts a meeting short with you, don’t panic. It’s not necessarily bad news.

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