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5 HR Analytics Case Studies | AIHR [WEBINAR]

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Curious how People Analytics can add value to your organization? πŸ“ˆThese 5 case studies demonstrate just how impactful HR Analytics can be.

David Millner (HR Curator) explores 5 People Analytics case studies at 4 maturity levels πŸ”ŽIn this 30-minute webinar, you will see HR Analytics in action at 5 different organizations from around the world. From entry-level analytics to more advanced projects, you will see the impact that HR practitioners can have on the business.

In this HR Analytics webinar, you will see how organizations have:
➑️ Reduced turnover thanks to analytics and interventions
➑️ Found ways to increase productivity without increasing headcount
➑️ Realized a profit by optimizing their recruitment process with analytics

And see the People Analytics journey clearly mapped out πŸ’‘

πŸ“ˆ The future of HR is data-driven. But you can get the skills for analytics success today πŸ”»

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πŸŽ“ Learn everything you need to drive data-driven decision-making in HR (+ certificate!) πŸ’₯

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