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5 Imperatives for HR Leaders to Tackle the Future of Work

HR leaders should focus on the big picture of what the future of work can and should look like in their organization

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While “future of work” may seem like a buzzword, the truth is that most, if not all, workplaces are rapidly changing as a result of evolving technology and the need to operate in an ever-more-digital environment. Companies are unprepared for these changes. A recent Gartner survey found that only 9% of CHROs agreed that their organization is prepared for the future of work. 

“Tackling the future of work requires organizations to plan for and leverage the changes in the way work gets done over the next decade, influenced by social, generational and technological shifts,” said Brian Kropp, chief of HR research, Gartner at the Gartner ReimagineHR Conference in Orlando, FL today. 

Gartner has identified five areas of work that senior HR leaders must focus on to drive future performance of the organization, employees and the community at large.

No. 1: Develop an AI ethics strategy

Gartner research finds that 75% of organizations are dramatically increasing their investment in analytics. In fact, the budget line item associated with talent analytics is the fastest growing within the typical HR organization. Data is increasingly used to make work-related decisions in talent acquisition and management and even workplace design. 

This increasing focus on talent analytics has led senior HR leaders to question not only how to collect data in an ethical way, but how to ethically use the data that is collected

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