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5 Important Pre-Employment Background Checks

By | Stetson Nolan

Every enterprise, whether small or big, must perform pre-employment background screenings to ensure the safety of their workplace and smooth running of the business.

In fact, in the US, background checks are an essential part of the hiring process.

There are different types of background inspections and each organization chooses its own criteria to perform the pre-employment screening.

For instance, if you are hiring a truck driver, the screening will likely include a driving background investigation.

Some important types of background checks used for different situations are:

1.   Education and job history

A resume or CV consists of the educational and employment details of job applicants. However, making the hiring decision based on the resume only isn’t a smart hiring policy anymore.

You will be surprised to know that 30% of people have lied on their resumes?

Therefore, most employers hire a background checks firm in Ohio to test the job seekers’ claims.

This screening includes verification of employment history, educational documents, and other licenses and certificates mentioned on the candidate’s resume.

2.   Criminal records

Hiring someone with a dubious history can make it difficult for other employees to work in the same organization.

criminal records

However, a comprehensive background check and continuous monitoring can help you avoid hiring individuals involved in fraud, theft, and misappropriation cases.

It will also help you to

  • create a secure working environment for the existing employees
  • improve the overall quality of your hires
  • reduce losses from employee theft
  • lower the liability that can come from negligent hiring
  • safeguard your business reputation

3.   Motor Vehicle Report(MVR) verification

An MVR background screening is the verification of a person’s driving history.

It consists of information like license expiration, driving limitations, traffic breaches, accidents, crimes, and other driving-related information.

If you are hiring an employee for a driver position, check the person’s driving record and MVR to judge whether or not the candidate is qualified enough for a driving job.

4.   Social media background checks

Do you know 70% of companies check candidates’ social media accounts?

People tend to be real on social media platforms. This can help the companies to get better information about the candidates that they wouldn’t get from well-edited resumes or rehearsed interviews.

However, these social media background checks must be compliant with state privacy laws.

5.   Drug and health screenings

A drug and health screening can help employers to detect whether or not the person takes any illegal medicine.

health screening

This check can be done before hiring a new employee or can be done as a part of an official health procedure to ensure existing employees in the workplace maintain high health standards.

In most states, it is legal for employers to perform a drug test on their employees.

However, some states restrict or question an employer to randomly drug test employees.

In the end…

Background screening provides an opportunity to check a person’s criminal history, educational records, employment details, and other past activities in order to confirm his or her validity.

background verification

A background check might disclose personal information, such as a person’s name, birthday, and social security number. A reputable background check company can access all relevant data sources and produce an easy-to-understand report for the employer to assess. Read more info.


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