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5 Interesting Ways To Improve Your Visibility In Your Workplace

Source | | Coach Srikanth

Being good at your job isn’t the only criteria for getting ahead in your career. If you haven’t created visibility for yourself, i.e., if key people aren’t aware of you and your contribution, then you are most likely to miss out on the opportunities to grow.

Have you ever thought this about yourself in the workplace:

“No matter how hard I work, why do I never seem to get noticed for a promotion while the others seem to be breezing through?”

It’s true that in any organization, there are a few people who everyone seems to know. Whether it’s a social gathering or an official meeting, they are all over the place and seem to be stealing the limelight – the “true” all-round performers.

This may make you feel jealous or even frustrated. You may even come to terms with it because they truly deserve the recognition. Their understanding of people and situations is propelling them forward in their career.

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