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5 Job Interview Struggles for Introverts (and What to Do About Them)

By | Laura Weston |

For introverts, job interviews can be like being forced to play dress-up. But you can learn to proudly put on what fits and wear it confidently.

“Tell me about yourself” may be the four worst words for introverts like me to be asked in a job interview.

Suddenly, I’m submerged in harsh, overhead lighting that’s cast directly over my hard-backed chair like a spotlight. I uncomfortably shift positions as my sweaty palms try to find a home on my shaky legs. I silently coach myself not to cross my arms over my chest (that would be bad). Then, from across the oblong table extending for what seems to be miles, I see a devious face holding a silver ballpoint pen. A magic wand, waiting to cast my fate. “Muahaha! Interview, Dear.” And my mind goes blank.

In one particular interview, I knew I had failed miserably after the first question, so I decided to attempt redemption from a different angle. I mustered up all of my courage, and right before walking out the door, turned around and professed in utter honesty the fact that I’m aware that I’m “not the best interviewer.” I pleaded authentically, which quickly transformed into desperation: I have the passion and drive it takes to be a valuable asset to your team, if I would only be given the chance to show you who I am beyond the interview As you can guess, I was given some sympathetic nods and kindly escorted to the door.

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