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5 life lessons from The Giant Sequoias

Source | LinkedIn | Nitin Seth | Chief Executive Officer at Incedo Inc.

Last month we visited the Sequoia National Park in California. It was a most remarkable experience to be in the midst of these gentle giants. Giant Sequoias are special. They are not just the largest trees in the world, they are also the largest (and amongst the oldest) living organisms on earth. They are on average 200-300 ft tall, have a diameter of 25 ft, with the oldest growing up to 3000 years. The largest tree in the world, General Sherman (see photo above) has a volume of 52,508 cubic feet, weights over 2.7 million pounds, has a circumference of 102 ft at the base, branches are 7 ft in diameter, it has a height of 275 ft (equivalent to a 26 stories building) and is 2500 years old.

Phew!! That is simply awe inspiring. Spending time amongst the Giant Sequoias was a deeply moving experience. The day I spent with the Giant Sequoias along with the day I had spent two years back with their cousins, the Coastal Redwoods in Muir Woods outside San Francisco were truly special experiences. It is off course natural to be awe struck and humbled by the enormity of these giants. But it is more than that. It was like a meditative experience. These immortals have a tranquil presence that touches your core. You feel that within them lie the secrets of all creation and eternity.

I was reflecting what do we learn from these giants, these immortals. There are 5 lessons that I took away that I want to share with you.

Lesson 1 : Smallest of seeds can produce tallest of trees

The Giant Sequoia comes from a tiny cone. The Sequoia cone is size of a chicken egg with seeds smaller than oat flakes. This is such a powerful reminder of the infinite potential of life. Within the smallest of us lies the potential for greatness.

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