5 Low-cost Ways to Market Your Start-up

Source | Entrepreneur : By Trishla Surana

It’s a dream of everyone to start something of their own, to be independent and mark her name in the field of innovation. But it’s difficult at the same time as it requires a lot of capital invested during the initial stage to market the brand in the industry. Startups need visibility so that it gets noticed by investors, media and most importantly potential customers. The main aim of any startup to run successfully is people knowing about it. Since most startups are bootstrapped they can’t splurge on marketing as also may not be able to afford to hire a PR agency to get them access to media.

There are creative ways in which one can market their start up and I will be sharing 5 low-cost ways of doing the same:-

1. Evangelize, Evangelize, and Evangelize

There is no better way than having champions who vouch for your product or service and spread the word literally!

They could be your customers, friends or well-wishers who like what you do and more importantly want to be contributing to your cause in some way.

This could be in the form of putting testimonial, being available for referrals, creating campaigns on social media amongst others.

They expect your love and support and if you gift them your product or service that would be the icing on the cake.

2. Promote Your Venture in Your Community

When you normally think of marketing we think too wide and too far, its best to start up in your community where you can speak up and share your ideas.

It could be your shared office network, a society where you leave or your college alumni network for that matter.

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