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5 major ‘employee health challenges’ even the best of CXO’s miss

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Productivity at workplace is intrinsically linked to food habits of their employees. In a groundbreaking study, Christopher Wanjek proves that proper nutrition increases national productivity rates.  The study emphasizes how inadequate diets can cut productivity by a staggering twenty percent. In India, the cost of lost productivity comes to US $10 to 28 billion, accounting for 3-9% of the GDP.
The goal for companies should to be to increase productivity with balanced food. Wholesome and nutritious meals from Jiyo Natural can help overcome the common nutritional oversights that cost employees in terms of their work as well as their health.

1.    The Sugar Crash

Sugar rush at workEmployees often opt for a quick snack or power drink from vending machines to give them an immediate energy boost. While effective for a short period of time, these foods like energy bars, caffeine rich colas, energy drinks and of course endless supply of tea and coffee and snacks like energy bars and chips result in an impending sugar crash.Brimming with unnatural sugars and chemicals, the unhealthy ingredients cause a shocking drop in efficiency at work. What is seen as employees being lazy. in reality it is simply their bodies shutting down early in the day.

2.    The Lunch Slump

That delicious food from the restaurant next to your workplace hits the spot when employees take a break for lunch but causes performance issues at work for rest of the day. Investing in a healthier lifestyle is probably low on the priority list for the younger employees and therefore they end up eating out. These meals tend to contain more fats, taking a longer time to digest. It is also highly likely that one tends to overeat due to the taste, all leading the blood circulation in the brain to direct itself towards digestive processes. Lethargy in the afternoon is not a myth, it is a very real health concern caused by such heavy meals.

3.    Immunity Risk

 Increasing diabetes rates
Unhealthy diets affect immune systems negatively, causing employees to take more sick days off work. Due to poor health habits, diabetes, high BP, cholesterol issues are on the rise in the younger age groups. While diabetic care should remain a concern and diabetic food consumption should be monitored, there are also troubling short-term health problems such as food poisoning, gastritis, constipation being the most common health challenges that deteriorate the quality of work.

4.    Skipping Meals

Burgers or pizza?In stressful work environments, it is not uncommon for employees to skip a meal to meet a deadline. The human brain relies on good nutrition, specifically an adequate balance of vitamins and minerals, for proper function. Without healthy food, the brain function decreases substantially causing severe drops in concentration levels and memory. Lack of concentration results in poorly done, inefficient work. Food from Jiyo Natural is designed to ensure convenient, nutritious, energetic and tasty meals that leave you alert and not lethargic.
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