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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving to Your Next Office

By | Elaine Bennett | Editor in Chief, Bizzmark Blog

Relocating a company is a highly complex endeavor, but using an app to compare moving companies will allow you to find an appropriate mover to assist you with the process. However, finding a professional service provider is just one of many things you need to consider throughout the entire move. To minimize the chances of running into any problems along the way, make sure you avoid the following five mistakes when moving to your next office.

1. Not Hiring Professional Movers to Assist You

Moving to a new office could significantly alter your work hours for a very long period. There is a lot of logistics and organization involved, and even if you run a small business, you should always hire a professional to assist you with the relocation. While you may try to do everything on your own, it will only detract precious time off of work, which could end up costing you a lot more money down the line.

Hiring professional movers will enable you to relocate without any unnecessary delays and downtimes, allowing you to continue your business as usual in the shortest time frame possible. If you’re unsure how to find the best mover in your area, you can use an app to compare moving companies and choose a service provider that suits your needs and price range the best.

2. Not Taking the IT Department Into Consideration 

Relocating to a new location will also require you to move all your technology and equipment beforehand. Since many moving companies don’t want to risk by being responsible for setting up your computers and other devices, you’ll need to work together with your IT department to prepare the office for work. You must enable them to explore the new location and determine if there would be any problems in the workplace. Failing to do this before the rest of the employees move out will add a significant delay in your operational plans, either causing a massive downtime or significantly impairing the overall efficiency of the whole team. Some equipment may even be impossible to transport at all, especially if your internet service provider doesn’t operate in the area you’re relocating to. 

3. Failing to Update Your Information and Notify the Customers

After arranging the relocation, you will need to update all the paperwork with the new information. Remember to add your new location and contact details on your websites and all the social media platforms. You should also send out an email and update all your customers and suppliers about the change. Never keep your clients in the dark, as lack of communication could cost you a lot of them and erode your brand over time. Depending on how far you’re relocating the company, you may have to renegotiate some of the previous contracts, especially if the price of the service you’re providing changes as a result of the move. Finally, update your information at the post office, or you won’t be able to receive any mail, including invoices and payroll checks. You can visit this site to find the nearest USPS in case you have been searching for us post office near me.


Finally, update your information at the post office, or you won’t be able to receive any mail, including invoices and payroll checks.

4. Choosing the Wrong Location and an Inadequate Property

The location you choose as your new office location should reflect your company’s current needs. This means that if you’re planning to expand your business in the next several years, you should consider getting a much larger place that can accommodate the influx of new employees during the period. Otherwise, you won’t operate efficiently, requiring you to move once again as the expansion continues.

Another thing to consider is the location’s accessibility. There’s no point in placing your office in a completely isolated area with no amenities in the vicinity. Commuting to work shouldn’t take more than thirty minutes (excluding rush hour traffic), and the location should be accessible even with public transportation. Choosing to move your business to an area with high traffic will seriously affect your commuting time, while the noise will increase the stress level of all the people in the office.

5. Failing to Ensure the Compliance of Your Employees

Be aware that choosing to move the office will seriously impact all your employees’ daily routines. Not approaching the collective with the news of relocating on time will put them in a very uncomfortable and difficult position:

  • Firstly, they won’t have time to properly process the information, leading to unnecessary tension in the workplace and affecting overall productivity. 
  • Secondly, they won’t have sufficient time to prepare for the relocation and finish any prior engagements. This is particularly noticeable for employees whose children are in the middle of their school year. 
  • Last but not least, failing to provide any alternatives, such as working remotely, may cause many of them to straight-up quit once the relocation starts.

So make sure to put your employees at the top of the priority list during this tough period.

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