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5 Natural Ways to Lower Your Risk of Dementia by More Than 60%

By | Melissa Gotthardt |

You know “good” HDL cholesterol keeps your heart healthy, and now research reveals it does the same for your brain! In fact, Japanese scientists say high HDL levels slash dementia risk by as much as 64 percent.

Here, the easy natural health boosters that ward off brain atrophy or “senior moments,” protect against heart disease, and help you retain all your happy memories.

Sip hot cocoa.

Good news for chocolate lovers: Sip two mugs of hot cocoa daily, and a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found you’ll up your “good” cholesterol by 24 percent. Researchers credit cocoa compounds called flavonoids with the heart-smart effect. What’s more, Appalachian State University scientists say folks who enjoy 25 grams of dark chocolate (about four squares) daily have better memories and multitasking ability than those who don’t indulge.

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