5 Office Holiday Party Ideas

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‘Tis the season for holiday shopping, family gatherings, and office parties! While the typical office party often includes an awkward Secret Santa gift exchange where everyone pretends to like his or her gift, or a holiday happy hour where someone has too much to drink, the modern holiday party should be refreshing, low-cost, and low maintenance.

For some inspiration, check out what these companies do for their employees to keep them happy and productive. For what not to do, just watch some reruns of The Office.

When planning a successful holiday party that everyone will enjoy, the focus should be less on spending money and more on bonding with co-workers and boosting morale. Here are five ideas for a holiday party that will be sure to get employees feeling merry.

1. Involve The Invitees

If you want the most buy-in from the staff, get them involved! Ask your co-workers what kind of food, themes, and activities they want to have at their office party. People are more inclined to participate and enjoy something, no matter how cheesy, when they are given choices and are involved in the planning and organizing.

Not only does that relieve some of the pressure on the party organizer, but it creates more opportunities for employees to bond and work together on something outside of daily, stressful work responsibilities.

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