5 Online Marketing Challenges New Businesses Face

Source | Entrepreneur : By Rocco Baldassarre

here is much excitement surrounding a new business, but oftentimes startups aren’t sure how to market themselves correctly online. Below are a handful of tips on how to be successful with your new business when it comes to online marketing.

1. Conversion rates.

New businesses never know how their website is going to convert. By testing multiple aspects, however, a positive turnover can be achieved. Closely monitoring the conversion rates based on the information on your new website can help you be able to study the trends of what is working for your website and what needs improvement. By monitoring these techniques, your business will have a good foundation.

2. Strategies to use.

Online marketing should first be used on the people most likely to become customers. Everything should be marketed to them first. This is done to build cash for the company. You can accomplish this by using search engines to target people with purchasing intents that are similar to your products or services. Study your very first customers and see what they like. This will give you valuable strategies to build from, even if your customer base changes over time.

3. Scalability.

Your business may have early success in online marketing, and it may not. For this reason, you must know how to grow either way. Knowing how to achieve the next goal is imperative. During the first one to three months of your online marketing campaign, consider your standings with Google searches. Studying your patterns on Google will help you to optimize your content for customers. Cost per acquisition is also an important aspect to consider. Plus, it’s important to have plans for what is next because that will get you ahead of the game. Expand on the Google Display Network and with social media, and take advantage of the data and learnings you made on search.

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