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5 Perks and Upgrades HR Can Offer Their Employees

By | Sierra Powell

The modern workplace is a very different place than it was even just a few years ago. With the realization that employees are the backbone of any organization, many companies have embraced this new way of working by creating an environment where employees feel comfortable, engaged, and productive.

That’s why HR professionals need to make sure they do everything in their power to keep their workers happy and motivated. Luckily, there are plenty of ways they can accomplish that goal. Below are five perks and upgrades HR can offer their employees to help them improve performance and get fulfillment.

1. Professional Development Opportunities

One of the best things HR professionals can do to ensure their staff members feel appreciated is to provide them with professional development opportunities. Every worker has a different goal and career orientation. Some of the workers aim at advancing their knowledge so that they can become experts in their field.

As a human resource manager, you should tap into this motivation by organizing on-job training and off-job training for these workers. That way, they get exposure outside their usual workspaces and learn new techniques that they can apply in their workplaces. Additionally, reward the employees by offering partial scholarships and promotions to those with much experience and education.

2. Flexible Working Hours

The workers in your organization need to have a work-life balance. Offering flexible working hours allows them to attend to their families, businesses, exercise or keep, and pursue further education. Flexible schedules include shifts and the option of working from home.

With good working hours, workers can plan their welfare, save on transport costs and lunch money, and commit more to their work. While creating a flexible schedule for the employees in your organization, ensure that you do not subject them to long and extreme working hours. Such may affect their productivity and increase absenteeism, thus reducing the performance of the organization.

3. Salary Increment

The remuneration that a company offers its employees determines their level of motivation. If the employee feels that they are putting in too much effort for lower pay, they may be reluctant to give the best of themselves.

Further, employees may seek an extra job to complement their earnings and meet their needs. Working two jobs may be very exhausting, causing the employee to be overworked and very unproductive. Giving your workers a salary raise makes them feel worthy and increases their work morale.

As an HR manager, you can also introduce performance-based pay. If workers know that they will get a reward if they put in the extra effort, they will certainly give their best. They are more likely to revise their goals and work towards higher pay resulting in a win-win situation for the employee and the organization.

4.. Offer Transportation Services

A car is an essential need for people who have to cover the distance to get to their workplace. However, not every employee is in a position to acquire one, considering the extra expense of insuring your vehicle.

Offering transportation services to your employees allows them to get to work on time and they do not have to include transport costs in their budget. Offing employees complimentary corporate car services is another way that employers can show how much they appreciate their employees. With the transportation and car services covered by the employer, it will cut out the wear and tear that commuting can take on employees’ personal vehicles and remove the physical and mental toll commuting takes from employees’ wellbeing. This service will remove the added stress about beating traffic and will help employees arrive with fresh minds and leave work without the burden of driving.

5. Install Ergonomic Furniture in the Office

Workers, especially those that work in an office setup, spend most of their time seated. Sitting for long hours throughout the week and over the months can lead to health problems, especially if the office furniture is uncomfortable.

Technology furniture such as desks with sit-stand features and consoles are more comfortable and ergonomic. Office furniture that is ergonomically designed has ample space that allows you to lean back and has armrests. They have adjustable heights, light fixtures and are stable.

The worker does not experience exhaustion that comes with uncomfortable furniture, and they do not have to visit the hospital due to health complications that come with bad posture.


The performance of an organization and employee morale are correlated. It is thus important to learn what motivates your employees and use it as a strategy to enhance their productivity.

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