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5 philosophy jokes that will actually teach you something

Jokes so cheesy even French philosophers will love them

By | Scotty Hendricks |

  • Philosophy can be difficult to understand, but humor can be a great way to approach it. 
  • Each of these jokes includes an explanation, so you can learn what they mean if you aren’t familiar with the underlying philosophy. 
  • Side effects of these jokes may include a sense of humor so dry it disproves Thales

We’re here to help. Today, we have five philosophy jokes that will require some explanation. By the time you’ve read all of them, you’ll have had both a few laughs and a better understanding of philosophy and why it’s important.

What is reality made of?

Thales walks into a coffee shop and orders a cup. He takes a sip and immediately spits it out in disgust, he looks up at the barista and shouts, “What is this, water?”

Thales is commonly referred to as “The First Philosopher” because he is the earliest philosopher whose name we know. He was much more than a philosopher though; he also dabbled in business, engineering, astronomy, meteorology, and public policy.

His best-known idea is his metaphysics; he argued that water was the basis of all other substances. No matter how unaquatic something might seem to be (think of dry dust or fire) Thales argued that as it comes from water, and it remains water at the most fundamental level despite its changing traits.

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