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5 Practical Tips on How to Onboard Remote Employees

By | Alex Lashkov |

In our turbulent times, there have been massive shifts in workforce distribution and employment models. The hiring madness, especially in IT, has reached such a fervent pitch that even national broadsheets are now paying attention. For example,  the recent CodinGame’s Tech Hiring Survey predicts a major shortage of software developers in 2022.

With this in mind, many companies are now switching to hiring remote international talents, often working from other cities or countries. But even among domestic employees, 72% would prefer a mix of remote and office work, according to a recent survey by Slack.

Virtual onboarding has, therefore, become a common practice. According to Harvard Business Review, an efficient onboarding process might increase new hire retention rate by 50% and boost their productivity by more than 60%.

However, there are some nuances to be considered about virtual onboarding as compared to inviting a new hire in person to the office. Today, we’ll share a few non-obvious tips on how you can successfully adapt newcomers to your company if they are remote employees.

Remote Employees! Get ready before day one — remotely

The first day or two are the most crucial for an employee in the onboarding period. Therefore, it is exactly the time when you can impact new hires and their impression of the new job most significantly. 

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