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5 Principles of effective leadership in an uncertain world

Source |  |  Executive vice presidentNorth Asia at Unilever  

In this blog, I share my top 5 tips to offer progressive leadership in an uncertain and ambiguous world.

The world of business can be adverse and complex. With constantly changing markets, disruptive technologies, multiple consumer trends, shifting political dynamics and climate change – feelings of uncertainty and anxiety are likely to develop within your team. So how do you, as a leader, keep a clear head and offer strong guidance to your workforce?

Be Agile

As Cluster Head for North Asia at Unilever, my own career path has been paved with challenges and moments of uncertainty. I have taken many roads in my career, across different countries and market conditions, each with their own cultures and subcultures. I am currently based in China, which has its own vast and complex dynamic that I must not only respect and understand, but master, if I am to provide valuable leadership to my team. How do I do this? By understanding that as a leader, my learning is never truly complete, that to succeed I must evolve and adapt to a constantly changing landscape.

Ultimately, success in changing environments is about forming mental flexibility, adaptability and understanding the value of educating oneself. While we work towards a stretching destination in the future, we must accept that the path will not be straight and predictable.


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