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5 Questions to Ask That Will Earn Respect for the HR Department

Source | : By Jon Birdsong

There is no question HR departments across the country should have more respect than they do. However, often times the CEO and other C-level leadership pass off the more administrative tasks to the HR department.  All the while, you likely have wonderful ideas solving real challenges of the business. Where did this major disconnect come from and why doesn’t the HR department have the respect it deserves?!

The simple answer: you haven’t given them a reason to respect the department.

The status quo relegates you swamped in paperwork. You’re so being busy you’ve forgotten to look past the hundreds of emails in your inbox and lengthy to-do list — both causing that nagging perennial anxiety preventing you from enjoying your summer vacation.

What is it all for?

Are you making the difference you envisioned when you took this role?

Does the impact you have on the organization match your potential?

After working with dozens of incredibly smart, passionate HR leaders this year, our belief is no. The value you’re adding compared to the value you can add is too big of a delta for us to sit still.

This is why we’re bringing you five simple questions to ask your leadership that will earn you respect in the organization. Now, don’t go busting into the CEO’s office and read these things like a proclamation from Game of Thrones. Instead, artfully weave them into conversations with leadership so you don’t put them on the spot at the wrong time.

Soon, they’ll be knocking on your door asking for your opinion and insight — all the things you wanted when you took the job and all the things that bring real, positive change to the organization.

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