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5 Questions To Ask Before You Let An Employee Work From Home

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One of the top perks many employees demand these days is that elusive “work-life balance.”

What that often means is a flexible schedule or the possibility of working from home or telecommuting.

Research on remote versus in-office workers has found those who work at home can be more productive. In 2013, a Stanford University study of call center employees found a 13% increase in the productivity of at-home workers.

But even if some employees want it, you still have to ask are they ready for it?

There are plenty of examples where the transition to working from home goes smoothly, but it’s not the perfect fit for every employee, says Mandy Gilbert, founder and chief executive of Creative Niche.

Managers need to have a keen sense of how their employees work and interact before they make the decision.

I faced this dilemma a few years back. Two valued team members announced they were moving out of state. Both asked if they’d be permitted to do their jobs remotely. Because their work involved writing and editing, it was a reasonable request.

But before I granted their request, I did some thinking. Could they truly handle the job while out of the office entirely? How well did they work independently? Did they get work done on time, requiring little hand-holding?

In this situation, the answers to those questions were resoundingly positive.

But that’s not always the case. Before you grant the privilege, consider if by trying to keep your employee happy, you’re making a stupid move.

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