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5 reasons leadership training should be for all employees

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When was the last time the company you work for offered leadership training to employees that didn’t already hold positions somewhere near the top? But who says leadership training should be reserved exclusively for company leaders? And what might happen if leadership training was offered to all employees instead?

Why is leadership training important for all employees?

In reality, the notion that leadership training is useful only to top-level employees is just an assumption. There is no evidence supporting this claim.

So, the question becomes: is there evidence to support that leadership training is important for all employees, and that implementing it across all departments and seniority levels is beneficial?

The short answer? Yes.

Around 1,000 senior-level organization leaders were surveyed in the 2018 Global Leadership Forecast. The data offers insight into the top concerns leaders have for the years to come. On this list were issues like, “slowing economic growth in emerging markets”, “labor relations”, and “global recession”.

However, the top 2 concerns on this list were none of those. Instead, they were “develop ‘Next Gen’ leaders” and “failure to attract/retain top talent”. These were cited more than twice as frequently as other issues. So when all is said and done, leadership training across the board is not something you should ignore

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