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5 Reasons to Become a Java Developer

By | Albert Tom

Anyone planning to enter the field of programming will be familiar with Java, as it’s the most popular programming language. While many new languages have cropped up in recent times such as Google Go, Apple’s Swift, and more, Java still holds a strong position and continues to be the dominating language in the industry. 

In our technologically-advanced era, every business is looking for innovative ways to function and expand. Hence, a skilled developer can be of great use as coding knowledge and skills are instrumental in shaping company decisions. Those keen on entering this field can pursue many lucrative career options after a Diploma in Computer Programming. Here are the top five reasons becoming a java developer is a brilliant career decision:

Excellent wages

Money has always been among the top factors for pursuing any job. Paychecks in this field are totally worth all the hard work you put in and according to a recent survey, being a java developer is among the highest-paid jobs in the industry.


There are over 3 billion devices that use Java and this number is expected to steadily rise. This means programmers of this language are in demand and employers are on the lookout for suitable experts. The requirement will continue to grow in coming years as Java programs are used in everything from ATMs to medical devices and cars.


One reason why Java is so big is because it’s used by famous names including eBay, Amazon, LinkedIn and more. Another advantage of Java is that it can be used to develop enterprise applications in a host of industries ranging from finance to healthcare. Java is also excellent for cloud development which is an added benefit to many businesses. 


A crucial factor to any job is that it should come with stability. Being a Java developer ensures that you will have a job for the long-term as Java has been around for over two decades. 

Continuous learning

To be able to continually learn and grow makes any job an excellent experience. Even while working professionally as a Java developer, you will get to hone your skills through hands-on experience. 

Being a Java developer makes for an excellent career choice as it comes with useful attributes that help you grow personally and professionally. You can ensure you’re equipped with the right skills by taking a course in this area to get a great foundation and boost your skills so you become an asset to global employers.




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