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5 Reasons to Network, and 2 Tips on How to Do It!

Source | LinkedIn : By Shalini Shivashankar

Keep in mind that networking is about being genuine.

“Networking” is a buzz word today. Everybody talks about it. Everybody hears about it. Everybody wants to do it more effectively. But, why? Why do people network, and what do they hope to accomplish?

First of all, networking is the process of meeting people, either through a contact that you initiate, or through an introduction by a third party.

Here are few reasons why network –

  • To exchange qualified business leads.
  • To expand your market intelligence
  • To get “out-of-reach “candidates.
  • To learn business development skills.
  • To establish long-term friendships.

Throughout my career I’ve been a firm believer in networking—here are 2 tips!

First, networking is a 24 hour sport!!  Any time you’re with people there is the chance to get someone thinking about how they or others could work with you.  I’ve learned to tone it down significantly, though, in purely social situations.

At a business mixer the answer to “What do you do?” is your 10-second “elevator pitch” or “sales pitch. “At a dinner or a party its 4 seconds but the answer should leave things wide open for a follow-up question.

Second, strive for a good 75-25 networking conversation.  My goal is to always get the other person do 75% of the talking.  How?  By asking questions, of course!  People subconsciously feel good about a conversation in which they’ve been able to get all their information out there. And more than once, after one of these relatively one-sided encounters, the other person has jokingly apologized and made a commitment to a future meeting—which was my goal all along!

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