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5 Reasons Why The Mantra ‘We’re All In This Together’ Should Transform Leadership Forever

Source | | Todd Nordstrom

While many of us sit in quarantine and make jokes about spending another day in our pajamas, the reality of a global pandemic continues to wreak havoc on families, communities, and businesses everywhere. Yes, people are dying. Yes, people are losing their jobs. And, yes, our sanity, and our spirit, is being tested as a virus attempts to eliminate our species.

That’s the reality. But, here’s another reality—soon we’ll beat this thing. And, when we do, maybe we can bravely look into the future and hope that the next time we say, “We’re all in this together,” it can mean something better, bigger, and less frightening.

Never before, at least during my time on earth, has everyone on the planet faced the exact same obstacles, fears, concerns, and questions at the same time. Never before have we truly had a globally shared conversation. We just haven’t.

Still, this will end soon. And, when it does, the world will keep turning. We’ll find a new sense of normalcy. The question is—can we still be “all in this together?”

“I’ve been laid off for the first time in my career,” a woman messaged to me on LinkedIn. “I was a Vice President. I don’t know what to do now.”

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