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5 ‘Rude’ Things Introverts Do in the Workplace

By | Madison Diaz |

If an introvert wants to eat lunch alone instead of with coworkers, they’re not being “rude” — they just need some alone time to recharge.

Workplace environments can often create tension and conflict for those of us who are introverts. Not only do many extroverts have difficulty relating to their introverted peers, but we “quiet ones” may struggle to understand the unspoken rules of office politics and etiquette, which can cause issues.

This isn’t intentional, of course, but the expectation to follow what is socially appropriate — like making small talk (and on a regular basis!) — can be hard for someone who may not be used to doing such things.

On days when my social meter might seem higher, many extroverted coworkers will mistake my moments of socialization to mean that I’m a good outlet for validation or small talk… but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is, being in a building with multiple people, day in and day out, can cause stress to my nervous system and make the littlest things seem impossible, like mustering a “Hello” to a coworker in the morning.

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