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5 Rules to Follow as You Find Your Spark by Simon Sinek

New Look is an organization that helps teens find their “spark”, or passion, & live purpose-driven lives. In this video from our Signature Event, author, optimist & TED celebrity, Simon Sinek, gives 5 rules to follow as you find your spark! Invest in Usher’s New Look program to help more teens find their spark #StartTheSpark


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  1. Interesting thoughts. If everyone bucked the line then there would be no line which would lead to what? If everyone waited to speak last who would speak first?

  2. I am usually not a big fan of motivational speeches, since I always find it is some kind of of word games mask the ugly reality. But Simon, he is worth listening, there is some genuine sense of his words, and humility in power of waking you up peacefully than shook you to death and force to be awake

  3. And "America looks like a mess right now," why, exactly? Because the Democrat didn't win?

    And her future looks bright, mmmm, why…? Because the twenty-something SJW hip-hoppers will "grow up" and run things? Got it.

    Ol' Simon was doing fine up until he closed with THAT little pearl. Sad.

  4. well tbh i disagree with rule number one. I mean, yeah sure on the one side you get what you want but on the other side you are not patient enough to wait on the line aka not patient enough to chase what you want. No, imo there is no other way to see things other than patience and hard work

  5. Simon Sinek's Five rules for success:

    1. Some people see the things they want and some people see the things that prevent them from getting the thing they want. I could only see the Bagel, he could only see the line. The rule is you can go after whatever you want, you cannot deny others to go after whatever they want. You have to sacrifice choice, but you can break the rules.

    2. Sometimes, you are the problem. Take accountability for your actions. You can take all the credit in the world but you also have to take responsibility when things go wrong. It must be a balanced equation.

    3. When they have nothing left to give physically or emotionally, somehow someway, they are able to find the energy to dig down deep inside themselves, to find the energy to help the guy next to them. They become seals. You want to elite warrior, no matter how tough you are, no matter how smart you are and it's not about how fast you are. If you wan to be an elite warrior, you need to be really really good at helping the person to the left of you and helping the person to the right of you because that's how people advance in the world. Single most valuable skill you will learn in life is to accept help when it is offered and ask for help when you need it. There will be a lot of people who will rush in to help you and take care of you. That will happen when you take care of them first.

    4. Nelson Mandela's father was a tribal chief and he used to go with him for meetings. He observed two things that they used to always sit in a circle and his father was always the last two speak. You will be told your whole life that you will have to learn to listen, but you need to learn to be last to speak. When you speak last, it gives everybody else the feeling that they have been heard, it give everybody else the feeling that they have contributed and you have the benefit of hearing what everybody else thinks before you render your opinion. The skill is to keep your opinion to yourself. If you agree with somebody don't nod yes, if you disagree with somebody don't nod no. Simply sit there and take it all in. The only thing you are allowed to do is ask questions, so you can understand what they mean and why they have the opinion they have. You must understand from where they are speaking and at the end you will have your turn. It sounds easy but it is not.

    5. The ceramic cup was never meant for me, it was meant for the position I held. I deserve a Styrofoam cup. Remember this, that as you gain fame, you gain fortune, position and seniority, people will treat you better. They will hold doors open for you, they will get a cup of tea or coffee without you even asking, they will call you sir and ma'am and they will give you stuff. None of that stuff is meant for you. That stuff is meant for the position you hold, that stuff is meant for the level you have achieved of leader or success but you will always deserve a Styrofoam cup. Remember that lesson of gratitude and humility. You can accept all the perks, absolutely you can enjoy them but just be grateful for them and know that they are not for you.

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