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5 signs you’re experiencing ‘decision paralysis’

By | Taylor Tobin |

For many professionals, decision-making is an acquired skill. Sure, some people have impressive natural conviction and can make choices on the fly.

But most of us need to invest time and energy into honing our abilities to sift through possibilities and select the best possible course of action.

If this sounds familiar, then you’ve probably experienced “analysis paralysis,” also known as “decision paralysis”.

This phenomenon occurs when you feel overwhelmed by the variables of decision-making and respond with total inaction. It’s an understandable reaction, but decision paralysis can also prove problematic, especially if you’re dealing with a time-sensitive situation.

Read on for five signs of decision paralysis and suggestions for how to overcome them.

1. You feel overwhelmed by options

Perhaps the most common cause of decision paralysis, an overabundance of options can ultimately prove crippling to those who struggle to make definitive choices.

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