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5 Simple Things Heroic Leaders Communicate During Distress

Source | | Todd Nordstrom

Cue the triumphant music. We need heroes. We need people to swoop in and show confidence. We need people who can become a rock—unbreakable, immoveable, and calm. We need you. It’s your time to step forward, leaders. The world is in distress. And, so are your people. Your teams are facing a myriad of  highly-stressful questions like: “Will I be safe? Is my job at risk? How do I protect my family? And, when will everything return to normal?”

These are legitimate questions. And, I don’t care who you are, or how big your title is, the only honest answer any real leader can give anyone is: “I don’t know the answer.”

Here’s the humble answer we all need to be courageous to give right now—as bosses, colleagues, professionals, and parents to children who believe we know something they don’t know—“Nobody  has the answers.”

That, for many of us, is a harsh, honest, reality. However, it’s what is necessary. And, that doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact, it can be good—as it’s the only way you can build trust.

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