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5 Simple Ways to be Happier at Work

Source | LinkedIn : By Bernard Marr

Let’s do a little experiment.

Go to the Google search bar and type, “My job is” and see Google’s recommendations to complete the statement.

My results: My job is. . .

  • Killing me
  • Boring (and so boring)
  • Making me depressed
  • Done here
  • Killing my soul

Telling, isn’t it?

While Americans spend more time at work than people in many other parts of the industrialized world, it seems we’re pretty unhappy. And Gallup would go so far to say we have an employee engagement crisis, with 70% of Americans not engaged at work!

First, let’s cast aside assumptions and say you have found your passion. You’re happy. Your job allows you to give back. You’re happy. You have perks such as ping-pong tables and happy hours. You’re happy.

Not so fast. Being happy takes intention and practice just like anything else (even with those perks).

Here are some of the main reasons we’re not happy, and some practical tips to turn that around.

1. Too many decisions

When you tax your brain with too many decisions, you experience decision fatigue. You’re better at making decisions the fewer you have to make.

Tip to turn it around: You can put some of your decisions on auto-pilot. Streamline your business attire (channel your inner Steve Jobs) and organize your closet so you don’t have to decide what to wear. Determine a set menu for lunches or dinners, so there is nothing to decide. Delegate decisions to your team that aren’t critical for you to be a part of.

2. Not feeling productive

When you don’t feel like you’ve been productive at the end of the day, it can really make you question your self-worth.

Tip to turn it around: Acknowledge the progress you make! Making to-do lists and crossing items off as you complete them gives you a visual and mental boost that let’s you see you are accomplishing things. Be disciplined to turn off distractions (checking your phone and email are common culprits).

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