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5 Steps to Add in Your Morning Routine

By | McKenzie Jones

Your morning routine can make or break your day. With the right steps in your morning routine, you can start a new business, build a freelance career, or work on fitness goals first, before tackling the rest of your day.

1) Get Up at the Same Time Each Day

Use an alarm to get up at the same time each day. If your family gets up at 7:00 a.m., get up at 6:15 so you can

  • drink water
  • enjoy some coffee or tea
  • snuggle with your animals
  • plan your day

If you can keep this schedule on the weekends as well, your productivity will go up every day of the week. However, if you know that you’re going to need more sleep on the weekend, do block out time for a nap.

2) Do Some Reading to Engage Your Brain

Some folks like the start the day with devotional reading. If that doesn’t appeal to you, think of your reading choices as intentional. If your dream is to start a coaching business, read up on other coaches, their business practices, and their success stories. If you have always wanted to invest in real estate, study up on those gurus.

Audiobooks can also work to fulfill your reading needs. Put in your earbuds and go for a quick walk listening to your favorite inspirational leader. If you have pets, take them with you for a quick walk around the block.

3) Work Your Side Hustle/Dream Job/Passive Income Goals

Uninterrupted morning brain can be incredibly productive. If you are working on building a side income, consider getting up 2 hours earlier than the rest of your household so you can focus on your goals.

For those who live with a partner, make sure that you are also getting to bed earlier so you have the energy to get up early. If that means that they are in charge of baths and you are in charge of breakfast, get everyone on board so you have support in hitting those financial goals.

You can also split household chores up on this calendar. If you get up early, cleaning the space away from the bedrooms can be your job, as can laundry in the basement. If your partner stays up late, they can be in charge of the final sweep up and sorting the laundry in the basement.

4) Reduce Your Decisions

As noted above, the morning brain is quite powerful. Do not waste it on ordinary choices. You can do this by

  • setting up your clothes for tomorrow before bed
  • making lunches for the whole clan right before the final kitchen clean up
  • eating the same thing for breakfast

Invest in a set of suit hangers so you can put together multiple outfits when you do laundry. If possible, put underwear and jewelry on the hanger too, so those choices are taken care of as soon as you get out of the shower.

You can also cut down the decisions you have to make by setting up your next side hustle step or freelance gig before bed. If you’re building an online store of accessories and you need to build your purse collection, open up the link to the listings before bed. If you’re building a freelance career so you can work from home and be there for your family, have your next project up on the screen and ready to work as soon as you sit down.

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5) Take a Break

Do take time each day for some expansive thinking. Fix your breakfast, pour another cup of something caffeinated, check your horoscope, and text a close friend to wish them a great day.

This is also the time to check your favorite blogs and YouTubers. If you love handicrafts and are looking for a fresh idea to use up the yarn that is making you guilty, watch a few knitting and crocheting videos to start absorbing the instructions.

Your morning can launch a great day. Having a “routine” can sound boring, but routines can protect your brain from making too many decisions first thing in the day. Decisions are exhausting. If you can avoid them until later on the day, you’ll make better choices as the day goes on.

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