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5 Steps to Becoming a Genuine Authority In Your Industry

The key to building credibility in your industry is sincerity and hard work, not quick gimmicks and scams

By | Andrea Albright |

In a world full of competition, endless marketing messages, social media feeds, internet ads, and emails, how do you stand out in your industry? Suppose you’ve heard that positioning yourself as the authority in your industry will help you raise your rates, attract premium clients/customers, and have a consistent supply of opportunities coming your way. In that case, you already understand the power of positioning yourself as an authority in your industry. 

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Opportunities come to you when you become an authority. You stop chasing the deal, and you stop chasing the client. You stop chasing stages or platforms to share your message because the minute you become an authority, these opportunities find you. They see you, and they seek you out. 

Regardless of how competitive the industry, there is always room for the best. When you position yourself as your industry’s authority, you no longer have to discount your prices because you are competing on value, not price. You will be the first in your market position when they seek advice, and you will be the trusted advisor people come to when they are ready to invest in having their problem solved. In other words, when you are the authority, you have no competition. You create a new standard in your industry, and you are seen as the one and only person who can deliver value at the highest level.

I have used authority positioning in every industry I’ve been in. Using a proven strategy that combines publishing, marketing, branding, and PR, I’ve been able to position myself as an authority in some of the most competitive industries. Overnight successes aren’t necessarily the goal, nor should you aim for that. If you are one of the few who is willing to invest and play this game for the long-term, then you are going to get the five proven steps I’ve used to crack the authority code. 

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