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5 Steps To Ensuring Your Business Hires Quality Executives

By | Taylor Haskings

Finding the perfect candidate for a new or vacant position can be difficult. However, if you are struggling with this task, there is hope. Here is a list of five steps designed to help you recruit qualified executives for your business.

1. Evaluate the Positions to be Filled

Start by assessing your needs. What positions do you need to be filled? What qualifications are required for each position? To help you answer these questions, start a job list on paper. Organize the information into different categories such as job title, experience level, education level, etc.

This step is essential in avoiding redundancy and wasting time. You can focus better on filling one or group of positions than all posts. Also, as you evaluate your needs, looking at the applicants’ character traits, not only experience, is important.

2. Figure Out Your Recruiting Strategy

Next, you need to figure out how you will go about finding the best candidates for your positions. You may have access to your private network of contacts or a list of candidates that you have gathered from external sources. While it is important to recruit from these sources, people are often not familiar with the qualifications needed in your industry. This can result in wasting time and money on recruiting new employees who may not be suitable for your organization.

You can opt to use a recruiting firm to help you with the process and help you find a candidate suitable for your organization. This can be done throughout the ranks of your business. Pair up with a national business that has access across all 50 states. By having access to this pool of candidates, you’ll be recruiting top-qualified executives who are hungry for work, even if it means relocating their lives. This can be a great way to build strong, solid foundations for your company when it comes to selecting candidates with a rounded, solid experienceship.

3. Write the Job Description

Once you have evaluated your needs and figured out your recruiting strategy, you can now write the position description for the job. This will help you clarify the qualifications for the position to potential candidates. It will also help you evaluate candidates during the interview by giving them a chance to prove they meet these requirements when writing the job description, including information on qualifications and skills that can be objectively evaluated, such as education, experience, or certifications, a third party can verify.

4. Post your Job Opening

Once you have a position description, it is time to post your job opening. There are many sources for posting job openings, including online classifieds, job boards, networking events, and work with a recruiting firm. When posting your job opening, be as specific as possible about what you are looking for in a candidate.

This will help to eliminate resumes that may not be necessary. It will also help to ensure that you get applications from the best candidates quickly and easily. Executive job search sites can provide various job opportunities for industry professionals to search and apply. You can also post your job opening on social media websites such as LinkedIn, Monster, and ZipRecruiter.

5. Scrutinize through Applicants

Once you have a sizable number of resumes, you must sift through the applicants. There are many different approaches you can use to do this. You can use an assistant to read through each application and pull out ones that look promising. You can also sit with a recruiter or hiring manager and review the applications together. When using this move, be sure that everyone has the exact definition of what makes a quality candidate. If you have a particular point of view on what makes a good candidate, but your job is not reflected in the candidate’s resume, the decision may be wrong.

You can also potentially use an online applicant tracking system (ATS) to screen applicants for jobs. This allows you to quickly and easily manage incoming candidates and eliminates some of this work if you have many applicants. After reviewing the candidates’ applications, you can organize an interview for the most qualified or preferred candidate.

If you follow the steps outlined above, you will be well on hiring executive qualified employees for your business. This can help ensure that you fill your positions with employees whose skills and experiences are an exact fit. It will also give you a greater chance of hiring people who will be with your organization long-term.

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