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5 Subtle Signs That Prove Someone is Wealthy

By | Eddy Mwanza |

What quietly screams ‘wealthy’? Not the ‘I’ve landed my first major tender’ kind of wealthy. We are talking about what is commonly referred to as ‘old money…The Old Muthaiga kind of money.

Chances are that you’ve probably come across over-the-top displays of wealth. Someone driving around in a Maybach or a blacked-out G-Wagon while flashing his Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref. 570 watch and Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Is that enough to classify that particular individual as wealthy?

Some psychologists actually argue that showing off trends is a quality of the underprivileged or newly rich who have much to prove to themselves and society. They use it to gain respect, boost their self-esteem, and establish their status. They must have value and it must be acknowledged by the rest of the world because they finally succeeded financially.

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