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5 Super Simple Ways To Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Easily

According to Talent Smart, 90% of high performers in the workplace possess high EQ, while 80% of low performers have low EQ. Simply put, your emotional intelligence matters

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Most of the clients I coach, who often talk to me about their relationship issues in the workplace, especially with their managers, or their spouses at home are frustrated and are on the verge of quitting.

When I listen to them actively to know what’s going on, it basically boils down to just one simple thing – they lack the ability to apply their emotional intelligence.

Just to be sure that you’re not one of them, I want to help you identify a few key elements of emotional intelligence and how you can develop them.

Your emotional intelligence (otherwise known as EQ) is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions as well as the emotions of others and your emotional intelligence also tends to be more important that your IQ when it comes to personal and professional success.

Now, let’s get down to how you can boost your EQ:

1. Recognize And Manage Your Negative Emotions

When you feel low, you label it with words like “anxiety”, “sadness”, “depression” and so on.

Managing Your Negative Emotions Is A Way To Build Emotional Intelligence

Calm down, be quiet, take a few deep breaths and center yourself. Connect inward to the emotion you’re experiencing. Do a body scan and identify where in your body you feel the greatest intensity of the emotion. Once you do, place your hand over the area and gently apply pressure to it, so you allow the healing power of touch to release oxytocin, making you feel calmer.

Ask yourself what the emotion is communicating to you. Is it reminding you of something you value? Or is it exaggerating a potential outcome based on earlier unpleasant experiences?

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