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5 Team Bonding Retreat Activities for Hybrid Teams

By | Sierra Powell

There are hybrid workplaces everywhere. Some companies have embraced the work-from-home arrangement and are finding new ways to make it work best for them. Other companies have pushed plans to return to the office to a further date. Team building activities for hybrid teams may involve two separate activities; one for the in-person workers and another for workers on video conference. The activities can also be coordinated for the two teams. Here are five ideas for these teams.

Escape Room

Mystery brings people together whether they try to solve it or run away from it. Escape rooms introduce activities that get people to combine their mental efforts to escape from a challenging situation. You can create the escape room activities any way you see fit for your team. The teams can uncover a mystery, solve some challenges before time runs out, or get out of situations that require them to think outside the box. For instance, one of the popular games is Jewel Heist. Here, the team has to stop a jewel heist before it happens. After the game, the team gets a reward. The game is ideal for teams of between 10 and 15 people.

Cooking Lessons

Cooking is fun. You can introduce cooking lessons to bring hybrid teams together. Everyone can take part in the cooking, serving, and tasting of the food. If most people in the team love cooking, the session will be entertaining. Get an expert from outside or get one foodie from the team to teach the other team members how to prepare different meals. The session should be interactive with people asking questions and helping with the lesson. The hands-on culinary lessons will get most of the team members involved. Those working from home will have an easy time as they can try the recipes from the comfort of their homes.

Solving a Murder Mystery

Mystery gets workers scratching their heads. You could be updating your file at work and the next minute you are playing a detective trying to solve a challenging murder mystery. There are several murder mystery games that hybrid teams can jump into and enjoy having a great time together. The games offer hidden clues to help teams catch the killer. You can also play games where you stop the murder before it happens. It takes the effort of teams to decipher coded cues and unlock rooms before someone dies. Such games are ideal for teams of between 25 and 100 members. Larger teams can be broken down into smaller teams.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun when carried out outdoors. However, for hybrid teams, a mix of both outdoor and virtual scavenger hunts will do. In-person teams can rent a cabin and enjoy the outdoor environment as they engage in the hunt. If you are in the area look for “Gatlinburg cabins for rent.” The remote team on Zoom can help the in-person team to solve the clues. The idea here is to have the teams cooperate to finish the hunt as fast as possible. To make the hunt more interesting, different teams can compete and a leaderboard can be shown. The idea of competition brings people together and makes them work as a team. Afterward, the winning teams can receive a reward.

Team Art Shows

Wine and painting classes are very popular for couples. They are immersive classes that get couples closer. Team art shows are a development from these couples’ classes. Here, the teams bring out their creative and artistic side and show each other what they are capable of. The teams do not have to be art experts, but they can learn a skill or two in art. Get an art instructor to help the teams learn how to start painting. Get each team a painting kit and let them get started. This activity works best for teams of up to 25 people.

There are hundreds of other team bonding activities you can choose for your hybrid team. These activities include beer tasting tours, classic game night, holiday games, coworker feud, team lunch, video game party, and happy hour among others. Whatever activities you choose, you need to set rules, ensure the teams have the right tools, and build company culture with every game.


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