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5 Things a Man Must Have Before 40 – Money and Me

By | Kibaki Muthamia |

As I crawl towards 40, I’ve spent a bit of thought on the phrase: Life begins at 40 – and what it really means. To me, it’s just a theory. Well, I agree to some point – four decades worth of life experiences must point to some level of maturity. All the learning experiences, knowledge, success and failure, pain and pleasure, making and breaking of relationships – you’ve pretty much figured it out.

In my opinion, life doesn’t have a specific jumpstart stage. A man’s destiny is partly influenced by his environment, and – by his own intuition.

To live a decent life towards Age 40, there are several things a man must factor:

1. A Contingency/Fall Back Plan

A contingency refers to an event that may, or may not happen. A contingency plan is meant to deal with such events. As part of project management, it goes hand in hand with the Fall Back Plan.

For example, in the contingency that you lose your job – What then happens? A person may choose to apply for a second job.

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