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5 Things about Rich People that are Strange to the Poor

By | Esther Olabisi |

Because of the wealth disparity, several things about rich people appear strange to the poor, who are yet to shift their money mindset.

Some non-rich folks assume that the rich can get anything they want but this isn’t always the case. They, on the other hand, behave in direct opposition to this.

Here are some things about rich people that are strange to the poor.

1. If you can’t afford the gas, don’t buy the car

The cheapest part of having an expensive ride is the gas. Also, the acquisition is not the end of your expenses but the beginning of more costs. This is because a million-dollar asset comes with millions of dollars in maintenance.

Although it may make you look good, it won’t increase your wealth. Cars, yachts, and planes, in particular, will cause you to lose money due to maintenance expenditures. 

The fact is that the cars, yachts, and private planes used by wealthy people contribute to their wealth as the time to them is money.

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