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5 Things Pretentious People Do to Seem Smarter and Cooler Than They Are

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Have you ever found yourself faced with some incredibly pretentious people? Their lives are almost entirely fictional just to seem cooler, smarter, or somehow better in the eyes of everyone else.

It’s human nature to want to be perceived as more impressive by other people. But the majority of us know it’s not necessary (or healthy) to put on an entire fake and pretentious persona to do that.

Pretentious people are so desperate to be admired by other people that they’ll put a lot of effort into pretending to be something else.

But what sort of lengths will they go to, just to feel better than everyone else?

Pretending to Have Intelligent Interests

The stereotypical interests of intelligent people tend to be a little difficult to understand. Pretentious people who are desperately trying to appear to be smarter or cooler than they really are will adopt these interests as their own.

They will pretend to be interested even when they really couldn’t care less. They’ll likely fain interest in things like politics, old-fashioned literature or classical music. And they will flaunt those topics around like a badge of honour.

If you want to catch them out, look at how deep their interests run. Usually, someone pretending to have these intelligent interests won’t have very strong knowledge on the subjects. They tend to have only taken interest in the most popular versions of the subjects they’re pretending to care for. They won’t bring up the more niche books, art or pieces of music.

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