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5 Things Successful Employees Have in Common

By | Craig Middleton

There are successful employees who continuously show that they are up for a challenge. They can finish a project on their own without being watched every minute. Then there are the not-so-successful workers who are too involved with their own issues to give one hundred percent in the workplace.

  1. Nutrition

You need to be healthy to be a successful employee. If your usual morning routine is to run out the door with a coffee in your hand and eat nothing until noon, eventually this will catch up with you. If you are always pressed for time in the morning, this doesn’t mean you can’t have anything nutritious.

Look into reviews of nutritious powdered supplements like this Morning Complete review. It may be a product that will greatly improve the quality of your days. A shake takes only seconds to make and the nutrition and extra liquid are just what your body needs after going many hours without food or water.

  1. Sleep

Try to go to bed at a decent hour. If you are a night owl, save it for the weekend when you can catch up on sleep. Dragging yourself out of bed in the morning to make it to the office is a terrible way to go through the week. In the long run, sleep deprivation can have many harmful effects on your body and can even shorten your life.

If you struggle with insomnia, there are many excellent sleep aids that are natural and non-habit forming. Don’t think of sleep as something expendable.

Some businesses expect an incredible amount from their staff. Regularly putting in 18-20 hour days is not reasonable. If you are naturally the workaholic type and thrive on it, go ahead, but most people do not have that temperament and need a better work-life balance.

  1. Breaks

Plan to regularly look away from the computer screen and out the window, if you have one. If not, step outside and look around. No matter how pleasant your work environment is, you need regular breaks from screens, indoor lighting and recycled air. Don’t think of breaks as a work interruption; they actually “reset” your brain and make you more productive.

An alternative would be to keep a novel in a desk drawer and reward yourself at some point during the day by reading for 15 minutes or so. If you’re not much of a reader, you could listen to music or watch part of a movie for the same amount of time.

Struggling through a project when you really need a break is not a good idea. After your break, you will come back to the work refreshed and with better ideas.

  1. Exercise

You don’t need to run a marathon or climb a mountain to be successful at work. What you should do, though, is get up and walk around during the day and maybe take a walk at your lunch break. Walking is a gentle, but effective, way to get exercise and relieve stress.

Methods of exercise as you work are also becoming common. They are not good substitutes for getting outside and moving, but they can be useful.

One is the balance ball desk chair. To avoid rolling off the ball, you need to keep your core muscles tightened, which, over time, makes them very strong. There are also pedaling devices for under the desk. The current popularity of the standing desk is due to those who prefer to shift and and move while they work, instead of being confined to a chair.

Basically, anything you do to increase the blood flow throughout your body and to your brain is a good idea. Sitting still in a chair all day will lead to cramping muscles and sleepiness.

  1. Good Work Ethic

You can do all of the above good things and still fail as an employee. C.S. Lewis once said “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” Successful workers need to have integrity. They should have a feel for their workplace and for being part of the team.

This means that after the boss leaves the room, you shouldn’t go back to watching that Netflix movie, but continue doing your job. Also, don’t call in sick every Friday or Monday. Sooner or later a supervisor will figure out what you’re doing and their trust of you will end.

Joining the ranks of successful employees is not hard. Follow the steps above and you will no doubt be recognized as a valuable member of your corporation.


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