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5 Things That Will Confirm You Were Born to Lead Others

There are bosses and then there are leaders


Ever been told that you have leadership potential? To start your journey of discovering whether you were truly meant to lead, you can start with the proven fact that great leaders aspire to lead by serving the needs of their people. 

With that as a basis for developing your leadership, you now need to measure yourself against the standards of the best leaders in business.

Here are five top leadership traits I have studied over the years. Ask yourself whether these examples confirm that you were meant to lead others.  

1. They make others around them better.

There are bosses and then there are leaders. To differentiate the two, to lead means having the desire and capacity to grow people — to set them up for success and make them better at what they do. 

2. They develop trust.

How can leaders ensure that a team is staying cohesive, collaborating at a high level, and headed in the same direction while keeping employees and customers happy? The secret is trust. And the foundation for trust is integrity. When leaders operate from integrity and are seen as dependable and accountable for their actions, they gain the trust and respect of their people.

3. They focus their business on problem-solving.

A company focused on solving a problem is more cohesive and can have a faster impact. Daniela Perdomo, co-founder and CEO of goTenna, is no stranger to fostering a workplace culture of problem-solving. She explained to me, “When we make a new product, when we start a new initiative, even when we set up a meeting, there’s something we’re solving for.”

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