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5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Your First LED Flashlight

By | Tom Dexter

We are now living in times where the flashlight available on your smartphone has replaced the traditional LED flashlight for many. However, while the one on phones may just be enough to find anything that is lost inside the house,  still it cannot beat the need for a proper LED flashlight or torch when you are going on an adventure outdoors. Hence, for all those moments, there is no doubt in the fact that a handheld flashlight provides a much clearer view that we all wish for in those moments.  

Besides that, the best part about LED flashlights is that they come in varying sizes. So, you can buy them small enough to fit inside your pocket or you can even go for an LED headlamp to go hands-free and light up the area in front of you.

But before you make the decision, there are plenty of things that you must know. First up why LED flashlights only? To be precise, LED is nowadays considered to be the standard when it comes to burning brightly without eating up a lot of battery. So, on your darkest days, it can be your true best friend for long – at least as compared to other options.

The next big question is what are the things that one should look out for when buying a LED flashlight? We have listed all of them down for you below and all you are required to do is keep them in your mind before making the purchase.

1. Know The Purpose

You need to ask yourself this all-important question: why do I need a flashlight in the first place? While a lot may underestimate this but the answer to this actually clears things up in your mind regarding the features that you want in your LED flashlight. To elaborate the point further, let’s suppose you need a flashlight for camping trips. In such cases, you need features like light control and battery life. On the other hand, If you want a flashlight for more professional use like home improvement projects then you must look out for features like hardiness and durability.

2. Batteries

While almost all of us know that batteries give life to flashlights (unless and until they are not solar powered) therefore we all should also know that the majority of the LED flashlights have the traditional AA and AAA batteries inside them. Overall, these are considered to be good for LED but if you are looking for a brighter kick and a much longer life then we would recommend you to go for LED lights with lithium batteries. Moreover, if you have a more big need then your flashlight can also turn the night into day with CR123 batteries.

3. Light Control

Sometimes, you don’t only need the flashlight to emit light but you also need control over the light to suit your needs. Hence, moving on from flashlights that only have on/off switch buttons, you would then also need a flashlight that comes with the additional dimming and mode changing controls. In fact, the mode-changing feature is so versatile that you can literally turn your light from a floodlight to a narrow spotlight and also somewhere in between as per your wishes.

4. Brightness

While we have been talking about brightness throughout, it is also important that you understand the levels mentioned on the LED flashlights that you may go out to buy. So, anything that is above 150 lumens will be a wastage of money because it is considered to be a very high-end light that normal people don’t need.  For normal use at home or when you take out your dog at night, 75 lumens are perfect. Other than that for camping or hiking, we would recommend 100-150 lumens to be the ideal number.

5. Portability

As flashlights are supposed to be carried around, therefore, we would recommend you to go for the ones that can easily fit inside the pocket or you can hang it with your keychain. There are also now penlights which you can put in your shirt pocket when you don’t need them. But then there is always a challenge of the brightness level such flashlights can offer. So, for more professional use, you can always go for the bigger ones. Visit for the best deals on flashlights.

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