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5 Tips Business Leaders Should Encourage for High Performance Growth

By | Bobby Barr |

As leaders, it is essential to seek and encourage new ways to add growth to your business. It helps to keep the company relevant and agile in times of competition surges. Having the ability to think and work smarter is a positive aspect of making a leader’s job more straightforward. Doing all the things you encourage yourself, creates respect among your workforce for you and each other. Small leadership qualities like this help provide a valued and healthy addition to a happy workplace.

If you can master and encourage a high-performance workplace, you become a valued and resourceful leader who will get noticed. Natural leaders who possess these types of skills and growth qualities are a valuable commodity to larger companies.

Here are Five High-Performance Growth Tips:

1. Stay Hydrated

Ensuring your workforce is fully hydrated creates high productivity and a high-performance work environment. Providing or encouraging employees to drink 3-4 litres of water per day will keep them energised whilst at work. It provides an excellent team-building workflow to rub off on your employees.

70% of the human body mass is water, so our levels always need topping up during the day. Many people fall foul of hydrating their bodies and become functionless due to the lack of energy. Having a good clean water supply around the workplace helps employees stay hydrated whilst at work.

The adverse effects of dehydrated employees for a company can be significant. A simple loss of 2% hydration can lead to higher blood pressure, more stress, less energy, focus and functional ability. All of which should not be present in a high-performance business environment. 

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