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5 Tips for Executing a Successful HR Transformation

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Perhaps one of the hottest topics in human resources right now is HR transformation, with good reason.

At a time when labor markets are so tight, talent strategies have become more critical than ever to organizational success. Companies are relying on their human resources departments to enable business strategies through human capital management. It’s a big and continuing shift in the role of HR, taking it from being a functional tool for building and maintaining a workforce to becoming a strategic partner in creating and achieving business goals.

In short, companies are expecting their HR departments to deliver more value than ever before. 

“The future of HR is horizontal, working as an integrated enabler, ensuring that all key decisions are made with people and skills considerations top-of-mind across the business, rather than operating as a standalone vertical,” writes Danny Ferron, people advisory services consultant at EY.

But what exactly does it mean to go through a human resources transformation to deliver that kind of strategic value?

HR Transformation Is a Strategic Change to the Role of Human Resources

HR transformation is complex. A common (and flawed) perception of such a change is that it is accomplished solely by implementing HR technology and taking a seat at the table with other business leaders. While both of these actions are key elements in the transformation of human resources, by themselves they do not define a successful change. 

True HR transformation is about positioning human resources as a business partner in the organization in such a way that ensures all people-related initiatives align with business goals. For HR to deliver maximum impact, it “needs to be integrated with business, and business needs to be integrated with HR,” writes Jeremie Brecheisen, senior managing consultant at Gallup.

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